Data to empower the public good.

We build tools to support social impact for the long-term.

What We're Working On

Better information to support your vision.

We collaborate with you to create accessible and reliable information systems. With better record keeping and access to key information, you can:

Data to empower the public good

We build data infrastructure and tools to empower social impact for the long-term.
You're doing great work for your community.
Together, we can amplify that work.

Here's how we can help you.

Automating Data Management

Better record keeping starts with collecting data reliably, with the least amount of technical friction. We take the time to understand how you work first and then build streamlined processes that work for you.

Connecting Siloed Data

The answers to your important questions are hidden in your existing data. We help you answer those questions by integrating processes across your organization and incorporating third-party data into your systems. Connected data paints a more complete picture.

Informing Decision-Making

Magnify opportunities to improve client outcomes with a scientific lens. We facilitate data-driven decision-making by leveraging state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning methods in our analyses.

Making Data Approachable

No amount of data can deliver real value unless it is accessible. We employ our extensive knowledge of information design and aesthetic principles to make visualizations digestible and engaging.

Here are a few of our projects.

Join us, you're in good company.