Data to empower the public good

We build data infrastructure and tools to empower social impact for the long-term.
Our philosophy centers around a friendly, collaborative approach - we listen, research and build together.

Support your vision with better information.

We've thought a lot about the challenges social services organizations struggle with. It often starts with better record keeping and access to key information. We help create the systems to bring you more reliable, organized information, and that leads to a number of benefits:

We're excited to partner with you - below are a few of the areas we specialize in:

Intuitive Databases

Better record keeping starts with collecting data reliably and with the least amount of technical "friction". To do that, we take the time to study how you work first, and then build simple, streamlined processes that don't require a steep learning curve.

Connecting Data Sources

Often times existing data needs to be merged and organized before you can begin answering questions. This may involve integrating with partner organizations or incorporating public information - connected data always shows a more complete picture.

Automated Reports & Dashboards

An essential part of any data project is the format that will be used to communicate with everyone. This involves careful consideration for how information is prioritized, filtered and summarized. We build tools that can automate this process and save you hours of work in Excel.

Analyzing for Opportunities

All the data in the world can’t deliver real value without a scientific approach to understanding it. Find opportunities to improve operations and decision making with analytics supported by state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning methods.

Join us, you're in good company.

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