Moksha Data

About us

Moksha Data was founded in 2019 with a simple mission: to empower those making social impact to use data more effectively. We are a small, collaborative team of data scientists, designers, and developers.

We are remote first, but the bulk of our team is located in Houston and Austin, Texas. We value collaboration, family, respect, and public service. We hope to embody these values in the work we do, the clients we attract, and in the ways we act.

Why Moksha?

Moksha means freedom arising from knowledge and experience. We believe that knowledge can empower new, more insightful perspectives.

In short, we strive to amplify the great work you're doing in your community.

Meet the team

Niha Pereira

Data Scientist • Partner

Ben Herndon-Miller

Data Scientist • Partner

Amanda Shih

Designer, Engineer • Partner

Neeraj Tandon

Data Engineer • Partner

Andrew Anderson

Software Engineer • Partner

Chadwicke Cooper

System Designer • Partner

Cason Kitzman

Project Manager • Associate

Connor Rothschild

Visualization Designer • Associate